WAG 20-02-02: People in Jail

PM 20-02-02.

  1. (FCRC)  Give information about a person's Healthcare and Family Services status, when asked by the arresting authority, including:
    • case name,
    • case address,
    • case number,
    • type of aid received,
    • eligibility status at the time of entering custody,
    • the last date of coverage, if canceled, and
    • information about possible third party resources.
  2. (Law Officer) Responsible for:
    • giving the:
      • date of incarceration,
      • date of conviction or guilty plea, and
      • date of release,
    • checking that services were actually provided,
    • holding all bills for each health care episode,
    • submitting claims on the correct HFS billing form, and
    • submitting all claims for each health care episode together with a cover letter to:

      Bureau of Claims Processing
      P.O. Box 19127
      Springfield, IL 62794-9127
      Attention: Bureau Chief 

  3. (BCP) Pays the claim.