WAG 19-05-02: Telephone Interview

PM 19-05-02

SNAP cases due, for a REDE are identified on the "SNAP Units Receiving Notice Form 1893 ."

The SNAP unit may waive the Family Community Resource Center face-to-face interview (see PM 02-06-01-b).

  1. When Form 1893 is returned to the FCRC, register the application, review and schedule a telephone interview if requested.
  2. During the interview, discuss if any changes have occurred. 
    1. Document the phone interview and changes reported on Form 517 in ACM and save to Content Management.
    2. For changes reported at REDE, process the changes for the first month in the new approval period.

If the SNAP unit cannot be contacted by phone to complete the interview, deny the application for a missed interview.

  1. If the interview was conducted and verifications are needed send Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721), requesting verifications
  2. Document on Form 514 in ACM that Form 1721 was sent and save to Content Management.
  3. File a copy of Form 1721 in the case record.
  4. If the SNAP unit does not respond to Form 1721, deny the REDE application for failure to provide verifications.  

Send a centrally generated or manual Form 360.  

See PM 19-03-08 for Reopening a SNAP REDE Application.