PM 19-04-02-a: Agreement to Cooperate

WAG 19-04-02-a

When a client contacts the Family Community Resource Center and agrees to cooperate, the client must actually cooperate within 10 workdays after the first day assistance would have been available to be eligible to have cash assistance restored with no loss in benefits.

revised textIf the client cooperates after 10 workdays but prior to the end of the fiscal month of the reduction or cancellation, prorate cash assistance from the date of cooperation. Budget any non-exempt income as if no break in benefits occurred.

revised textFor SNAP benefits, restore benefits if the client agrees to cooperate by the end of the fiscal month of cancellation.  Prorate benefits from the date of cooperation if benefits were cancelled due to failure to cooperate.

Medical benefits that are cancelled due to failure to cooperate may be reinstated with no loss of coverage if the client cooperates by the end of the effective month of cancellation.

revised textWhen the client is willing to cooperate prior to the end of the fiscal month but cooperation cannot be completed by the end of the fiscal month benefits were reduced or cancelled, request what is needed in writing.

A client has agreed to cooperate when they verbally, or in writing, agree to do or provide what is needed.  If the client asks for help in getting what is needed, the client is cooperating. Help the client get what is needed.

revised textWhen cooperation cannot actually be completed until after the fiscal month has expired, do not restore assistance until the client actually cooperates. Situations in which this may occur include the following:

  • a client cannot provide a verification within the fiscal month (e.g., the client must obtain the verification from a third party) or
  • a meeting the client must attend cannot be scheduled until after the fiscal month has expired.

If the client fails to cooperate by not providing what was requested in writing, the client is no longer eligible to have assistance restored.  A new application is required.