WAG 19-03-05-c: Mid-Point Reporting Units

PM 19-03-05-c

revised manual textFor Mid-Point Reporting Units, the face-to-face REDE is every 12-months with an interim Mid-Point Report form completed in the 6th month of the approval period. When a REDE is due, Redetermination Application (Form 1893) is centrally sent to the customer approximately 60 days prior to the last month of the SNAP approval. When the REDE is processed, enter a 12-month approval period. 

In the 5th month of a Mid-Point Reporting unit's approval period, the system sends Mid-Point Report (Form 2890). A completed Form 2890 is due to the FCRC by the 5th day in month 6.  

For complete information on the Mid-Point Reportomg process, see WAG 19-07-04.