WAG 25-07-03: Assignment of Group Number

Cash and SNAP benefits are issued based on established monthly mailing schedules. The schedule number is the same as the group number in Item 1 of Form 552. A monthly SCHEDULE OF AUTHORIZATION DUE DATES AND AVAILABILITY DATES is used to determine the terminal entry cut-off dates and mailing dates.

revised text

Put SNAP only migrant cases in Group 01.

Put all Medical Only cases and All Kids Share/Premium/Rebate cases in Group 00.

Put all Medical cases with SNAP in Group 22.

Use the chart below to determine the correct group number.

00 All Medical Cases Without SNAP
22 All Medical Cases With SNAP
revised text01 TANF Cash and SNAP only (Category 08)
03 All AABD Cash Cases

NOTE: See WAG 18-06-00 if the change in group number places the case in a different schedule.

For Temporary Payee and Protective Payee cases, assign the group using the last name listed in Item 9. For Representative Payee cases, assign the group using the name in Item 8.