PM 19-02-01-c: Earned Income - SNAP benefits Not Received Via Same Case

WAG 19-02-01-c.

New Manual Material IES Phase 2 Process

A REDE form is generated by IES when a redetermination of benefits is due. This notice is centrally generated by IES and mailed 60 days prior to the certification end date.  For example, if the last day of the certification period is 11/30/16, the form is mailed 10/01/16. 

Mid-Point Reporting Households

For TANF cases with earned income, a Mid- Point Report (MPR) form is completed in the 6th month of the 12 month approval period.  The customer must return the Mid-Point Report form by the 5th day in month 6 of their approval period.  See PM 19-02-06 for the Mid- Point Reporting Process.

Revised Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

A REDE form is mailed in the 12th month following the month of the last opening date of the case and every 12 months thereafter.  For example, if the last opening date is 12/01, a REDE form is sent every December.  New Manual MaterialTANF cases with earned income are enrolled in Mid-Point Reporting.  Information on Mid-Point Reporting is found in PM 19-02-06 and WAG 19-02-06.