WAG 18-07-00: Change of Address

PM 18-07-00

revised manual textWhen you become aware of a client's change of address, other than on a Mid-Point Reporting unit's REDE application, process within 2 work days in ACM or IPACS to make an address change on the Client Database (CDB). Update Item 80 codes to reflect any reported change in housing costs.

Staff from the FCRC, HFS Central Unit, Child Support, Work and Training (Bureau of Employability Services or Teen Parent Services Contractual staff), the Bureau of Customer Support and Services, or the HFS Health Benefits and All Kids Hotline, can change the client's address on the Client Database (CDB) using TA 31/TAR 42. The address may also be updated when a change is reported to the U.S. Postal Service via the National Change of Address (NCOA) update process. See WAG 18-07-01 for the central change of address process.