PM 18-05-07: Maintaining Medical Extension

WAG 18-05-07

Cases with Medical Extension (ME) EDGs are maintained by the Family Community Resource Centers (FCRC).

A family no longer qualifies for ME if they no longer have a dependent child under age 18 in the home.

A family can receive ME up to 12 months when the reason they qualify is due to new or increased earnings. They qualify for the first 6 months without an income limit. Then they can receive an additional 6 months if they:

  • complete and return all required review forms per PM 18-05-07-b;
  • still have a child under age 18 at home who was included in the first 6-month extension;
  • have earnings that are less than 185% of the federal poverty level using MAGI budgeting policy (see PM 15-06-01-f and PM 15-06-01-g); and
  • have not quit work without good cause per PM 18-05-07-c.

If the ME ends during the 12-month period, any person under age 19 remains eligible under Continuous Eligibility per PM 18-05-01.

See Revised TextWAG 25-03-02(2) Medical for the ME income standard amounts (185% of the FPL).