WAG 18-05-06-a: Authorizing Medical Extension on a TANF Case

Revised Text

TANF Procedures

(IES) When a Medical EDG is moved into Extended Medical due to receipt of Earned Income or Spousal Support which pushes the household above the TANF Payment Level, IES sends the IL444-360C Notice of Decision indicating the closure of the TANF EDG.

IES also sends the HFS 3360A Important Information About Your Medical Benefits with the following message:

  • Since your family's income has increased due to earnings or spousal support, your family is eligible for medical benefits (through mo/day/yr) regardless of any changes in your family's income.
  • After this date, you may be eligible to get medical benefits for up to 6 months. When you get a report form in the mail, you must complete and return the form in order to continue to get medical benefits.

SNAP Procedures

(IES) When the TANF EDG is closed and there is at least one month left in the SNAP approval period, SNAP will transition into TSNAP. IL444-360C Notice of Decision is sent informing the customer of the change in their SNAP benefits. More information can be found on TSNAP at: Transitional Food Stamp Program (TFS)