PM 18-05-06: Authorizing Extended Medical for TANF, Family Assist

WAG 18-05-06

A family that is receiving TANF or Family Assist may be able to keep receiving medical benefits under Extended Medical when their income exceeds the income standard.

To receive Extended Medical, the family must have received TANF or Family Assist in 3 of the last 6 months. Additionally, the family must have lost eligibility for TANF or Family Assist because of:

  • earningsdeleted text, or
  • spousal support.

If a family lost eligibility for some other reason, they do not qualify for Extended Medical.

The person who is working, or who receives the spousal support, has to be a parent or caretaker relative in the TANF unit, or received benefits as a parent or caretaker relative under Family Assist. The earnings can be from a new job or an increase in pay from an ongoing job.

Start counting the Extended Medical with the first month the family should have stopped receiving TANF or Family Assist. This will be the month action could have been taken had the earnings or spousal support been reported and a timely notice of change provided. Use this month as the first month of the Extended Medical.

Extended Medical due to Earningsdeleted text

A family can receive Extended Medical up to 12 months. An eligible family receives an initial 6 months of Extended Medical and can then receive an additional 6 months if they meet the criteria listed in PM 18-05-07. deleted text

Extended Medical due to Spousal Support

Adults in the family can receive Extended Medical up to 4 months. Persons under age 19 remain eligible under Continuous Eligibility.

Spousal support (or alimony) is income received by a person from their spouse or former spouse under a divorce decree or written separation agreement that is specifically for the support or maintenance of the other spouse.

Note: IES is programmed to generate a REDE notice before adults reach the 4 month limit. deleted text