PM 18-04-11-a: Sufficient Information to Determine Eligibility for FS

WAG 18-04-11-a.

When a change in the cash or medical case occurs and there is sufficient information to determine SNAP eligibility:

  • adjust SNAP benefits, if eligible; and
  • open a SNAP case beginning with the fiscal month that the cash or medical case is canceled; and
  • leave the end date of the approval period the same.

NOTE: See PM 01-06-03 for the proper client notice to send.

Issue Mercury SNAP benefits for the month of the cash or medical cancellation when information to determine eligibility is pending or benefits cannot be discontinued due to timely notice requirements.

When a unit member is being removed from a TANF or Family Health Plan, or a GA-FCA case, determine if they continue to be part of the SNAP unit. Take action to either delete them or continue benefits for them as part of the SNAP unit.