PM 18-04-05: Family Community Resource Center Duties Regarding Changes

WAG 18-04-05

Tell a SNAP unit not in Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) (see PM 19-07-01)  to report changes within 10 days. Give them a change report form and a deleted manual text non-postage paid return envelope with the applicable address, if they ask for one or when:

  • a case is newly approved;
  • a change report form is returned by the client to the Family Community Resource Center;
  • a SNAP REDE is being done and they need a new form; or
  • the unit requests the form.

The SNAP unit should complete and return the change report form. The Family Community Resource Center must act on changes reported by phone, in person, or in some other written manner, just like those reported on the change report form.

Take action within 10 calendar days of the date a change is reported or discovered, including information from computer generated reports.

Adjust, if necessary, the number of persons in the unit or the unit's benefit amount when changes occur during the approval period. See PM 18-04-07 or PM 18-04-08 for increasing SNAP benefits. See PM 18-04-10 for decreasing or canceling SNAP benefits.

If the SNAP benefit amount increases, decreases, or remains the same as a result of the reported change, take the following actions:

  • Document the date the change was reported/discovered.
  • Document the reported change in the case record.
  • Notify the SNAP unit of the effective payment month and amount of the change, if any, of its benefits.
  • Provide another change report form and return envelope to the SNAP unit.

For changes reported at the REDE, make the change starting with the first month of the new approval period, except for a reported addition to the household.