WAG 18-03-06: Adding Other Persons For TANF - Filing Unit

PM 18-03-06.

  1. (FCRC) Record any action taken in the case record on Form 514. Include how the beginning date was decided for the person who was required to be included.
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  3. (FCRC) When a request is received for a person just deleted from a cash case, the start date of eligibility is the first day of the fiscal month the person was actually deleted, and not the date you learn the person must be in the case (if that date is earlier).

    Example: The case includes the client, her son, and her daughter. The client's son was deleted for the 11/03 fiscal month that starts on 11/07. On 10/25 the client states that her son has returned to the home. The beginning date of eligibility is 11/07 and not 10/25. 

  4. See WAG 25-07-09-a for procedures to complete Form 552 and WAG 24-02-00 for cooperation with the CSE process.