WAG 18-03-04: Children Born to AABD or Certain DCFS Clients

PM 18-03-04.

  1. Learns a child was born to a person who:
    • receives AABD Cash or AABD Medical;
    • receives an adoption assistance subsidy through DCFS; or

      NOTE: The group number for a child receiving an adoption assistance subsidy under category 98 is 05, 15, or 35. 

    • is in a subsidized guardianship program through DCFS.

      NOTE: The Family Community Resource Center designator code for cases receiving an adoption subsidy under category 98 is 612. 

  2. Register a 94 application for the newborn only, with an RPY.
    1. Enter the application date as month, day, and year (6-digit date) that the FCRC learned of the birth.
  3. See WAG 25-07-09-b to complete Form 552.
  4. Create a new case record. Include in the case record: copy of Form 552 from the mother's case; Record of Birth (Form 2636) (received from a hospital or social service agency); and any other documents that apply.
  5. If Form 2636 was not received, record on Form 514 how the FCRC became aware of the child's birth.
  6. Set a one year control from the child's birth to receive Form 243.
  7. Send Form 157 and cancel the 94 case if the client hasn't completed Form 243C when the child is one year old and it is more than 12 months from the LMDD.
  8. Enter the following reason on Form 157:

    Your infant's 12 months of medical benefits has ended. You have not applied for ongoing medical coverage.