WAG 18-03-03-a: Required Verifications

PM 18-03-03-a

  1. revised textIf the mother receives medical benefits ask for proof of application for a Social Security card and proof of income after the newborn is added. These newborns are deemed to have met U.S. citizenship and identity documentation requirements.  Enter code '51' in Item 74 of Form 552 to indicate that citizenship and identity is established.
  2. revised textIf the mother did not receive medical benefits when the infant was born, ask for the following proofs before the newborn is added:
    • application for a Social Security card,
    • income,
    • immigration status if the infant is not a U.S. citizen and has an Alien Registration Number.
    • For U.S. citizens who have an SSN, complete an SSA citizenship inquiry. If they do not have an SSN, request proof of citizenship and identity. Allow up to 3 months for documentation to be provided. If otherwise eligible, add the newborn to the medical case while proof of citizenship and identity is pending.

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