PM 18-03-01-b: Customer Fails to Provide Verifications

WAG 18-03-01-b.

Without providing proof, a newborn may be added to the cash case for medical benefits only and only for one year, if:

  • the mother was eligible for and received medical when the child was born and
  • the newborn lives with the mother (this includes newborns who must stay in the hospital right after birth).


If the customer fails to provide verification within 30 days from the date of request, keep the newborn in the cash case, but change the newborn to medical only. If the information is not received by the time the newborn is 12 months old and the child is not eligible for continuous eligibility, remove them from the case.


If the customer fails to provide financial verifications and the newborn has a sibling in the case, SWAP the entire case (including the newborn) to Medical.

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