PM 18-03-01: Adding Newborn for TANF- Filing Unit

WAG 18-03-01

A CHILD IS A NEWBORN FROM BIRTH THROUGH 12 MONTHS OF AGE.Add the newborn immediately for cash or medical. A written request is not needed. To add a newborn, the Family Community Resource Center must have at least the newborn's last name, date of birth, and sex.

After adding the newborn the Family Community Resource Center should get any proof needed (including proof of an application for a Social Security Number.

Start cash benefits from the first day the newborn was required to be in the case. This is usually the date of birth. Add the newborn so that cash benefits are received within revised text45 calendar days from the date you learn about the newborn.

If benefits increase or stay the same, a written notice is not needed when adding a newborn to a case because of filing unit policy. Verification is not required before starting benefits.

Medical coverage for newborns begins the first day of the first month they are eligible for cash.