WAG 18-03-01: Adding Newborn for TANF - Filing Unit

PM 18-03-01

Use Form 552 to immediately add a newborn for cash and medical, when told of the birth by:

    • the mother; or
    • the medical provider; or
    • receipt of Record of Birth (Form 2636); or
    • receipt of Medical Coverage Request for Newborns (Form 2761).

      NOTE: See WAG 25-07-09-a to complete Form 552 for adding a newborn.

  1. Inform the customer they must apply for an SSN for the newborn if they haven't already done so. If the customer refuses to apply for an SSN for the newborn, include the newborn on the case for medical only.
  2. Tell the caretaker relative of their responsibility to cooperate in obtaining medical support and child support, and of their right to claim good cause for noncooperation (see PM 24-02-00 and WAG 24-02-00).
  3. Complete the current Form 552 for both IPE and ongoing cash benefits (regular roll actions) (see WAG 25-07-10).

    NOTE: A period of unmet need may occur before the newborn can be placed on regular rolls. This period of unmet need is the IPE period. 

  4. Process separate actions for any changes in income, deletions, etc. that cause a reduction from the previous month's benefit amount. You may submit separate actions following the TA 34/42 action, without waiting for a turnaround Form 552. Use the TA and TAR codes that generate the correct central notice of reduction for the 2nd action.
  5. If the child is active in another case, notify the staff person of the request for benefits. See PM 02-04-02 and WAG 02-04-02 for foster care cases.
  6. Issue a Temporary MediPlan Card for the newborn from the date of birth through expected date of centrally issued MediPlan Card.
  7. Complete 2 copies of Filing Unit Notice (Form 2691), if verifications are needed.
    1. Send the original to the caretaker relative.
    2. File a copy in the case record.
  8. Set a control for 30 calendar days.
  9. If eligible, start medical coverage under the correct program.
  10. Record the addition of a newborn to the unit in the case record on Form 514.
  11. SWAP entire case to Assist (see WAG 18-02-02) if the customer fails to provide necessary incometext deletedverification.