PM 18-01-01: Requests for Benefits and Services

WAG 18-01-01

When a client asks for additional benefits or services, tell them to file a written request. A written request for a cash payment increase or services must be made for:

  • initial or increased social services (AABD cases);
  • adding a person to a TANF case if the person is not required to be included by (filing unit) policy;
  • adding a person (except a newborn) to a medical only case;
  • a substitute parental care/supplemental child care payment;
  • Crisis Assistance (see PM 06-03-00);
  • a special authorization; or
  • initial RPY child care benefits to maintain employment (see PM 06-16-05). A written request is not needed for each month.

A written request is not needed for persons required to be in the benefit unit or for AABD cash clients who request an increase due to increased needs. The Family Community Resource Center is to give or mail to the client a written request form. Help clients:

  • identify any specific needs; and
  • fill out the written request form.

revised textSend the client a written notice of decision within the processing time limit for the benefit requested. For processing time limits, see PM 17-01-01.