WAG 18-01-00: Requests for Additional Benefits (Cash, Medical)

PM 18-01-00

(FCRC) Accept a request from any client whose address is served by the FCRC when the request is for cash increases, special authorizations, substitute parental care/supplemental child care payments, child care payments, and additions to the unit.

(Newborn Unit) Upon receipt of a completed Record of Birth (Form 2636) from a hospital, takes action to centrally add a newborn to an eligible DHS case. When the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (Form 3416B) is received, and Form 3416B is properly signed and witnessed, paternity is established.

Determines the type and amount of benefits for which the household is eligible. Centrally codes Form 552 to add a child to TANF cash, All Kids Assist, or Moms and Babies, or approves supplemental Food Stamp benefits as appropriate. Updates the IRDB system on MMIS so the system will issue a MediPlan Card for the child within 5 workdays.

Records all actions taken on Form 514 in ACM and revised textsaves a copy to Content Management.

(FCRC) Add a newborn or initiate the establishment of paternity as required if the Newborn Unit has not added the newborn and/or paternity has been established. Also issue an emergency MediPlan Card at the client's request.