PM 17-02-01: Applicant Eligible (TANF)

WAG 17-02-01

Issue the first cash benefits for an eligible TANF case beginning revised textthe 30th day after the date of application, unless:

  • the application is a Norman Case (see PM 04-01-08) or
  • the applicant requests Crisis Assistance and they are eligible for it (see PM 06-03-00).

Day one of the 30-day period is the day after the application date.

For a Norman case, the first day of eligibility for cash assistance is whichever is later:

  • the date of decision or
  • the 90th day before the date the child(ren) is to be returned to the family.

When a TANF applicant requests Crisis Assistance, make a decision on the application and the Crisis Assistance request within 5 workdays. If the applicant is eligible for both TANF and Crisis Assistance, approve the TANF case by the 5th workday. The date of decision on the TANF application is the beginning date of cash eligibility.

If the applicant is eligible for TANF, but not Crisis Assistance, eligibility for cash assistance does not begin until 30 days following the date of application.