WAG 17-01-04-a: Form 360C

(System) Sends a Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP (Form 360C) to an applicant when code 00 is entered in Item 39 on the correct AIS screen for:

  • Approval of a TANF application text deleted;

    text deleted

  • Denial of a cash application;
  • Approval of a Regular Medical Only application (excluding long term care and spenddown cases);
  • Denial of a medical application;
  • Approval of a SNAP application;
  • Denial of a SNAP application.

(System) Dates and mails Form 360C no later than 2 workdays following the date the action is transmitted. For TANF cases, Form 553I and Form 553GC are centrally generated with Form 360C, if applicable. For AABD Cash approvals, Form 4050C is centrally generated and mailed with Form 360C.

(System) Sends Form 360C as notice of approval or denial of eligibility for regular Category 94R if the application is processed through AIS.

A copy of the Form 360C is not sent to the Family Community Resource Center.

NOTE: To suppress a central notice, enter the correct code in Item 39.