WAG 17-01-01: Time Limits

PM 17-01-01

(LOA) Set an internal office deadline for disposing of applications:

  • to enable intake staff to meet the time limits; and
  • to provide time for central office processing requirements.

(FCRC) Process applications and mail the proper notice of decision to the applicant within the prescribed time limits.

NOTE: See WAG 06-03-01 for the timeframes regarding when to notify a client of the decision on a request for a Crisis Assistance payment.

When a disposition cannot be made by the end of the 45th day for Medical (Aged or Blind) or 60th day for Medical (Disability) following the date of application, determine if DHS caused the delay. For cases in which DHS delay exists, the client may be eligible for temporary medical and/or a compensatory payment. See PM 17-03-03, Medical Applications.

revised textWhen an application for Cash (00, 01, 02, 04, or 06) or Medical Only (90, 91, 92, 94, or 96) pends past the disposition time limit due to 3rd party delay, make a decision no later than 90 days from the date of application. When an application for Medical (93, Disability) pends past 60 days due to 3rd party delay, make a decision no later than 105 days from the date of application. See WAG 17-03-02 for 3rd party delay.

(BR&A) Each month the Bureau of Research and Analysis sends the Family Community Resource Center a memorandum which identifies cash applications approved beyond the required time limits.

(FCRC) Return the memorandum to BR&A with required comments. Also, forward a copy of the response to the Regional office.