PM 17-01-00: Making a Decision

WAG 17-01-00

Approve or deny benefits, based on whether or not the applicant meets the requirements to qualify for the benefit requested (cash, medical, and/or SNAP benefits).

Disposition of an application includes:

  • text deleteddetermining if the applicant is eligible (approve) or ineligible (deny);

    NOTE: TANF cases may be presumed eligible (See PM 17-02-01-b). 

  • mailing a written notice of decision; and
  • issuing the first month's benefits, if eligible.

Chapter 17 of the Policy Manual deals with cases handled by Intake. Chapter 18 of the Policy Manual contains policy about application processing for active cases, such as approving a person for SNAP benefits when they already receive cash or medical; or changing a person's benefits from Cash to Medical or Medical to Cash.