PM 15-08-08-c: Use of a Bill for a Later Month (Carryover)

WAG 15-08-08-c.

Any bill not used to meet spenddown for the month of service, can be carried over and used for a later month. If a carryover bill is used to meet spenddown for a later month, Medicaid will not cover any part of that bill.

A carryover bill is applied to spenddown on the first day of the month identified by the client. Any excess over the amount needed to meet spenddown for the identified month may be carried over to a later month(s) until the excess is exhausted. As long as a bill is verified as current, there is no limit on the number of months that the unused part of a bill can be carried over. In addition the months do not have to be consecutive.

NOTE: DMHDD Community Based Services (AABD Only) and DORS HSP expenses cannot be carried over once spenddown is met.