WAG 15-07-04: Child Born to Active AABD Client

PM 15-07-04.

When a child is born to a mother who is receiving AABD Cash or AABD Medical benefits without a spenddown:

  1. Register a Category 94 application for the newborn, with the mother as RPY.
    1. Enter the application date as the 6-digit month, day, and year the FCRC learned of the child's birth.
  2. Create a new case record. Include Form 552, the Record of Birth (Form 2636), and any other documents applicable to the case. If Form 2636 was not received, indicate on Form 514 how the Family Community Resource Center became aware of child's birth.
  3. Approve the case by completing Form 552.
    Item 2 - Enter the current 4-digit processing month.
    delete text
    Items 60 & 61 - Enter name and birth date. Do not use "Baby Boy" or "Baby Girl".
    Items 62 - 65 - Complete.
    Item 66 - Enter sex.
    Items 67 - 76 - Complete.
    Item 77 - Enter the 6-digit month, day, and year the child was born as the beginning medical eligibility date.
    Item 78 - Enter 3.
    Item 79 - Complete.
    add textItem 80 - Enter the payee's race/ethnic origin in code 295.  Enter your best guess if the client refuses to give this information.
  4. Send the mother the mail-in Request for Cash Assistance - Medical Assistance - Food Stamps (Form 2378B), with a request to complete and return the form.
    1. If the client does not return Form 2378B, ask them to complete the application for the child when a REDE is needed or when they have contact with the Family Community Resource Center.
  5. Set a control for return of Form 2378B for one year from the child's birth.
  6. Send Form 157 and cancel the Moms and Babies case if the client has not completed an application for the child and the child is one year old.

    Enter the following reason on Form 157: 

    End of automatic 12-month medical eligibility. You have not applied for benefits for the child.