PM 15-05-03: AABD Community

WAG 15-05-03.

To determine countable monthly income for an AABD Community case, deduct the following amounts from the client's total nonexempt monthly income:

  • AABD income disregard of $25 (see PM 15-04-03-a);
  • earned income exemption and employment expense deductions (see PM 08-02-02);
  • up to $50 per month from current child support received (see PM 15-04-03-f);
  • court ordered child support that was actually paid to someone not in the unit (see PM 15-04-03-f).

Deducting the amounts listed above from total nonexempt income determines the countable monthly income available to apply to the medical care costs. If the client has excess nonexempt assets, the excess amount is added to the client's countable monthly income to apply to the cost of medical care.