WAG 14-06-04-a: Proof of Meeting the Requirement

PM 14-06-04-a.

  1. (FCRC) Request proof of meeting the requirement from the minor parent.

    NOTE: Verification of Living With (Form 2540) may be used to obtain written verification. Examples of other verification include leases, utility bills in the adult's name, medical and school records, and other documents that, in combination, contain all the required information. When possible, verify the relationship between the minor and adult with whom they are living using sources listed in PM 02-07-03

  2. (FCRC) Document that the minor parent met the requirement.
    1. (Intake) Complete the Minor Parent Live-At-Home screens and provide details in the case write-up.
    2. (IM) Complete Minor Parent Live-At-Home Verification (Form 3604).