PM 14-05-00: TANF 60-Month Limit

WAG 14-05-00.

An adult age 18 and over can receive TANF benefits for no more than 60 months during their lifetime, unless they qualify for an exception after they reach the limit. The 60-month limit includes TANF benefits received as an adult in Illinois and in other states. A child living with a parent who is ineligible due to the time limit is ineligible for TANF as a child.

Months of cash assistance received as an adult under age 18 do not count toward the 60-month limit.

A child who is a minor parent may qualify for cash as an adult in a case with their own child if they are ineligible as a child because they live with a parent who has reached the 60-month limit. The minor and child are eligible in their own case, regardless of the minor's age. The parent may be the RPT.

See PM 03-06-00 for further information about the TANF 60-Month Limit.