PM 13-01-08-c: Shelter Costs for an Unoccupied Home

WAG 13-01-08-c

If a SNAP unit leaves their home temporarily because of: employment or training away from home, illness, natural disaster, or casualty loss, shelter costs may be allowed if:

  • the unit intends to return to the home; and
  • the current occupants of the home, if any, are not claiming the shelter costs for SNAP purposes; and
  • the home is not leased or rented during the unit's absence.

a SNAP unit with both an occupied home and an unoccupied home is only entitled to one utility standard. The appropriate standard may be allowed for the home the SNAP unit chooses.

revised textNote: Verification of housing costs is not required for SNAP. Accept the customer's statement of the amount of their housing costs (rent, mortgage, property taxes, state and local assessments, and insurance).