PM 13-01-05-c: Nonreimbursable Medical Expenses

WAG 13-01-05-c

Consider nonreimbursable medical bills as follows:

  • Expense Incurred More Than Once

    revised textConsider medical expenses greater than $35 for the month that it is anticipated that the expense will be billed or otherwise become due. 

    revised textConsider the current monthly billing for an installment payment plan as a medical expense. Do not allow amounts carried forward from prior billing periods, even if included on the most recent month's billing. 

  • Onetime Only Expenses

    If a SNAP unit new textusing actual medical expenses instead of a Standard Medical Deduction reports a onetime only medical expense during the approval period, the unit may choose to: 

    • have a onetime only deduction, or
    • have the expense averaged over the remaining months of the approval period.