PM 13-01-05: Standard Medical Deductions or Actual Medical Expenses

WAG 13-01-05

revised textAllow one of the Standard Medical Deductions or actual medical expenses for SNAP Units with a qualifying member. See PM 05-06-01 for qualifying member definition. Only a qualifying member's medical costs are considered. If a unit has more than one qualifying member, see if the combined allowable medical costs of the qualifying members are over $35.

When computing total medical expenses, include cents for the individual expenses. Once the individual expenses are totaled, drop cents.

Subtract excess medical expenses over $35 from total adjusted income. If the qualifying member's total medical costs are $35 or less, do not allow a deduction.

new textStandard Medical Deductions

At initial application or when an active case containing a qualifying member reports medical expenses, verify if monthly medical expenses are more than $35. If the unit fails to verify any medical expenses, the unit is not entitled to a Standard Medical Deduction. If total medical costs for the qualifying member(s) are more than $35, allow the appropriate Standard Medical Deduction. There are two Standard Medical Deductions:

  • the Standard Medical Deduction for SNAP units with a qualifying member unless they are a resident of a group home (including CILA)/SLF; and
  • the Standard Medical Deduction for those that live in a group home (including CILA)/SLF.

new textActual Medical Expenses

new textIf the SNAP unit claims that their monthly medical expenses exceed the appropriate standard, verify their total monthly medical expenses.  Once the unit has verified their total monthly medical expenses, allow the actual medical expenses instead of the Standard Medical Deduction. If the unit verifies that medical expenses exceed $35 but fails to verify total monthly medical expenses, allow the appropriate Standard Medical Deduction. 

new textReported Changes

For changes in reported medical expenses, see PM 18-04-09-c.