WAG 13-01-02: Determining Net Income for Use with Net Income Standard

PM 13-01-02.

Determine net income eligibility as required and benefit amount using the appropriate ACM or AIS screen or by completing one of the following forms as follows:

  • For SNAP REDEs, complete the SNAP Eligibility Worksheet (Form 683A) and SNAP Calculation Sheet (Form 683B) at each SNAP REDE processed through IPACS. For SNAP REDEs processed through ACM, only complete Form 683A.  add textSave the ACM SNAP calculation to Content Management.
  • revised textFor changes reported during the approval period, record, initial, and date the changes in the "Changes" section on the most recent Form 683A or use Form 514.  For ACM 514, save to Content Management.

    If the changes require that income be recomputed and the changes are processed through IPACS, complete a new Form 683B. For changes processed through ACM, revised textsave the ACM SNAP calculation to Content Management.