PM 13-01-01-a: Gross Monthly Income

WAG 13-01-01-a

Gross monthly income is the total of gross nonexempt earned income plus gross nonexempt unearned income. To arrive at gross monthly income, if the earned income is from self-employment, subtract the costs of doing business from gross earned income.

The amount of the child support deduction (see PM 13-01-07) is subtracted from gross monthly income prior to comparison to the Gross Income Standard. This policy is a result of implementing an option from the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002.

If the household's gross monthly income (after subtracting the child support deduction) exceeds the Gross Monthly Income Standard for the household size, the household is ineligible, except in the following instances:

  • SNAP units with a qualifying member whose net monthly income is within the Net Monthly Income Standard.
  • Categorically eligible units (see PM 05-07-01) when every person in the unit is authorized to receive TANF or SSI, including SSI cases in recoupment or suspension status do not have to meet the Gross Monthly Income Standard.

Proof of gross income must be provided prior to issuing benefits, unless the SNAP unit qualifies for expedited service (see PM 02-08-01).

new manual textNote: A SNAP household's gross monthly income must be verified before an application for SNAP can be denied for income being over the income standard for the household size (see WAG 13-01-01). A SNAP application cannot be denied based solely on the applicant's statement of the household's income.