PM 11-02-08: Increase in Monthly Benefit

WAG 11-02-08.

When a change in needs or income results in an increase in the monthly benefit amount, use the date the change was reported to determine the date of the increased benefit. If the change is reported within 10 days, increase benefits as of the date of change. If the change is reported later, the increase in benefits begins with the date the change was reported. Issue a supplement if benefits cannot be increased on the regular roll. The change may be reported verbally or in writing. Make the change for the first month that can be affected.

The increase in benefits must be available no later than 45 calendar days from the date the client reported the change. If the client causes a delay in reporting or verifying a change, extend the 45 calendar-day limit by the number of days that the client delayed the process.

If the client does not provide needed proof or fails to cooperate in determining eligibility, this 45-day time limit does not apply.