WAG 11-02-04-a: Coverting Income to a Monthly Amount

PM 11-02-04-a

Example: A woman receives AABD. She is employed at a shelter workshop and reports that she is earning $10 a week.

Using Best Estimate policy, determine the weekly gross amounts to be used. Since the client reported she will receive $10 a week, use $10 a week. Add the 4 amounts up and divide by 4 to obtain an average.

+ $10
$40 divided by 4 = $10

Since the income is received weekly, revised textconvert the income and monthly employment deductions to a monthly amount.

$10 times 4.3 = $43. Budget $43 as the monthly gross earned income the client receives. Allow the income-averaged deductions (federal and state tax, FICA, etc.).