PM 11-01-04: Laundry

WAG 11-01-04

Include a laundry allowance when:

  • neither the client nor any family member is physically able to do the laundry, and no relative is available, and there is no housekeeping service; or
  • there are no washing or drying facilities in the home; or
  • the client is in their home and is incontinent or bedfast.

See WAG 11-01-04 for the allowances.

When laundry is done collectively, allow the client's equal share of the standard allowance based on the total number of persons sharing the unit. For a revised textmarried couple, compute the laundry allowance on a shared basis.

When the client does their own laundry, base the allowance on a one person household, even if the person is in a shared living arrangement.