WAG 11-01-02: Shelter

PM 11-01-02

The monthly maximum allowed for homestead property expenses is $97. When property expenses are less than $97, allow the actual cost.

The maximum amount allowed for rent is $97.00, plus allowances for utilities and furnishings if included in the rent. Allow the actual cost when the amount of rent paid is less than the maximum amount.

When the client lives in a shared living arrangement, the total shelter cost, before prorating, is not to exceed the maximum amount allowed. If the total shelter costs exceed the maximum amount allowed, give a prorated portion of the maximum.

Utilities and Furnishings Included in Rent

If the rent includes any of the following utilities, add the corresponding standard regional amount to the rent allowance.

  • Heating fuel
  • Electricity
  • Cooking fuel
  • Water

See WAG 25-03-03 for standard regional allowances.

If rental property is furnished, allow an amount for furnishings based on the number of people living together.

Number Living Together Amount for Furnishings
1 $ 5.00
2-3 $10.00
4 or more $15.00

Allow the lesser of $97.00, plus the standard allowances for items included in the rent, or the actual rent.

Example: Mr. A lives alone in a Chicago apartment which is furnished. The monthly rent of $325 includes water. He is billed separately for all other utilities. Calculate his rent allowance as follows:

Maximum rent = $ 97.00
Furnishings = 5.00
Water = 3.80
Item 80 code 107 RENT = $105.80