WAG 10-02-04-c: When Employment Ends

PM 10-02-04-c.

  1. When a person reports that work has ended, ask the date work ended and the date the last pay is to be received.
  2. Accept the client's statement about when the final paycheck will be received unless the information provided is questionable.
  3. Keep budgeting earned income through the last month the client receives a paycheck. Stop budgeting earnings beginning with the payment month following the receipt of the client's last paycheck. If cut-off for the month following the month of the client's last paycheck has passed, issue a Mercury payment for the amount of earnings budgeted for that month.
  4. Enter code 651 EE in Item 80 with the appropriate date.

    Under the PERSONS column, enter the 4-digit date that is the month and year of the client's last paycheck.

    Example 1: Client calls stating she was laid off on 04/28. She will receive her last check on 05/02. Enter code 651 EE in Item 80 with the 4-digit date of 05/year under PERSONS.

    Example 2: Ms. K has been employed and her earnings have been ongoing for the last 7 months. In July, Ms. K calls her caseworker and reports she has been laid off.

    Her last paycheck will be on 08/03. Enter code 651 EE in Item 80 with the 4-digit date of 08/year under PERSONS. 

  5. Delete earned income codes 801/802 from Form 552 when earnings are not to be budgeted.
  6. When an adult or a child age 16 or over who is not in school loses employment, determine potential eligibility for UI.

    To determine potential eligibility for UI: 

    • run an AWVS clearance on the client, and
    • call up and complete the optional "Potential Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI)" screen through ACM. 

A determination by the system that a client is not potentially eligible for UI is only based on the current work quarters identified by the system. Future eligibility may occur depending on the client's work history.

  1. When you learn that a client has lost employment, call up the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT INQUIRY BY CASE screen from the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM (PF-19/F19). Input the case ID and case name. If the information received shows the client and the former employer's name, enter a U next to the client's name. Entry of a U takes you to the CLIENT EMPLOYMENT CHANGE screen. On that screen, enter the new information concerning the client's lost employment. Enter the following under Employment Data:
    • date employment ended, and
    • date you learned of the lost employment.

Enter your name under "Changed By."