WAG 10-02-02-a: First 30 Days

PM 10-02-02-a

  1. Determine eligibility for the first 30 days. The first day of the 30-day period begins with, and includes, the date of application or request through the next 29 days.
  2. Using Best Estimate Policy, figure the total countable monthly gross income anticipated to be received during the first 30 days. See PM 10-01-01.
  3. Compare the total countable monthly income to the Payment Level (see WAG 25-03-05). Allow the following deductions:
    • self-employment business expenses and
    • revised textthe initial employment deduction (see WAG 25-03-02 (1)).
  4. If income exceeds the Payment Level, eligibility does not exist.
  5. If the case is prospectively eligible for the first 30 days, determine eligibility for an IPE.