WAG 09-03-01-e: Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance (AABD)

PM 09-03-01-e.

  1. (FCRC) Refer the applicant/client (or their representative) to the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) field office serving the person's address.
  2. (FCRC) Complete Part A of HFS 2881, VA Outreach Report Sheet.
  3. (FCRC) Send Form 2881 through the Financial Recovery Coordinator (FRC) to the IDVA field office.
  4. (FRC) Controls Form 2881 for response and ensures that the appropriate FCRC staff receive it back for any case action.
    1. 4a. Beginning 4 months from the date Form 2881 was sent, follows-up with the IDVA field office every month (by phone or mail) until Part B of Form 2881 is returned.
  5. (IDVA) Completes Part B of Form 2881, verifying VA payment information.
  6. (IDVA) Sends Form 2881 to the FCRC through the FRC.
  7. (FCRC) Review financial eligibility and take any necessary case action when Form 2881 is returned.
    1. 7a. If a payee for VA benefits other than the client or a facility is designated, ask the payee to promptly report any monthly VA benefit increase or retroactive lump sum payment.