PM 09-02-04-a: TANF and Assist Cases

WAG 09-02-04-a.

When a responsible relative is not living with the client, refer them to the FRU.

Refer the following relatives to FRU:

  • for TANF and Assist:
    • the absent spouse, if they are not the parent of any of the dependent children; and
    • the parent(s) of minor caretakers under age 18, unless the minor caretaker has married.
  • for Assist:
    • the parent(s) of a child, when the child does not live with a caretaker relative. 

NOTE: Do not make a referral when:

  • the responsible relative is deceased; or
  • the responsible relative's address is unknown; or
  • the responsible relative lives outside the State of Illinois; or
  • the responsible relative receives SSI, Cash or Medical Only.

Using Standard A (see WAG 09-02-02), the FRU determines the relative's ability to support and may establish a support liability. Also, refer to FRU any changes in the responsible relative's status.

Responsible relatives not living with the client may be directed by a HFS Administrative Support Order (ASO) to make support payments directly to HFS.

Until that ASO is sent, consider any payment made to the client as unearned income, unless the client states it is voluntary support. If it is voluntary support, the Family Community Resource Center needs to report the child support terms. Do not budget payments made directly to Springfield.