WAG 09-01-05-c: Sponsor's Liability (SNAP)

PM 09-01-05-c.

  1. Multiply by 80% the earned income of the sponsor and their spouse (if living together) to get net earned income.
  2. Add the unearned income of the sponsor and their spouse (if living together) to the net earned income from Step 1.
  3. Deduct the correct SNAP Gross Monthly Income Standard for the size of the sponsor's family unit. The family unit includes the sponsor and other persons who are claimed as federal tax dependents.
  4. Budget the remaining income as the sponsor's liability for the noncitizen's case.
    1. Divide the sponsor's liability equally if the sponsor is sponsoring more than one noncitizen.
  5. Include the amount of income available for the noncitizen in Code 549, Liability of a Sponsor, in Item 90 of Form 552.

NOTE: If the sponsor contributes more than the amount available, include the amount actually contributed.

Example: Mr. M and his wife sponsored a noncitizen last year. They have one child. Mr. M receives unemployment of $350 per month. Mrs. M has gross earned income of $1,700 for the fiscal month of application. Mr. M claims a minor child of his previous marriage as a tax dependent.

$1,700 Gross earned income
x .80
1,360 Countable net earned income
+ 350 Unemployment income
1,710 Total countable income
-1,642 FS Gross Monthly Income Std. for 4
$ 68 Amount available for noncitizen