WAG 09-01-02-b: Noncitizens Who Enter the Country On or After 08/22/96

PM 09-01-02-b.

Example 1: Mr. T is a sponsor for Mrs. L. Mrs. L and her spouse and 4 children are receiving TANF cash. Mr. T's income is used to determine the amount available for the noncitizen Mrs. L. Use Mr. T's income until Mrs. L achieves citizenship or Mrs. L is credited with 40 qualifying quarters of work. Budget the entire amount of Mr. T's sponsor liability against the needs of the assistance unit due to filing unit policy.

Example 2: Mr. X is a sponsor for Mr. J. Mr. J has a wife and 5 children. It is determined that Mr. X's sponsor's liability amount is $100. Mr. J leaves the home and his whereabouts are unknown. Do not budget the amount of Mr. X's sponsor liability towards the needs of the assistance unit since Mr. X is not a sponsor for Mrs. J and the children. Mrs. J remains eligible to receive TANF.