WAG 08-04-04-i: Other Income

PM 08-04-04-i


  1. Tell the client they may choose one of the following for budgeting interest income:
    • actual budget month interest income,
    • a prorated amount obtained by dividing total anticipated interest by the number of months the interest will be received, or
    • an averaged amount adjusted for any known differences from the average.
  2. Document the method chosen in the case record.

Trust Fund

Count income withdrawn or received from an inaccessible trust fund in the month received or the month it is available to the SNAP unit.

Other Income

Count any other income not specifically exempted as unearned income, except income affected by noncompliance (see WAG 08-04-05).

Every Dollar Counts Research Project

New manual textVerification must be received to exempt the $50 or $1000 monthly gift. Enter Unearned Income type Other Exempt on the Unearned Income-Details page in IES.