PM 08-04-00: SNAP

WAG 08-04-00

  • Income is money received in exchange for work performed, from the sale of goods or services, or as a benefit.
  • Certain income is exempt and does not affect eligibility, while other income is nonexempt and affects eligibility.
    • revised manual textAll nonexempt income must be verified and the amount and source documented in case comments in IES.
    • New Manual TextExempt income must be verified, when questionable.
  • When determining eligibility, use only nonexempt income currently available to meet the SNAP household's needs. When the SNAP household's available nonexempt income meets their needs, the household is ineligible for SNAP benefits. The gross monthly income of the SNAP household must be verified before an application for SNAP can be denied for income being over the income standard for the household size (WAG 13-01-01-a). A SNAP application cannot be denied based solely on the applicant's statement of the household's income.
  • The receipt of SNAP benefits is not income and does not reduce the amount of benefits received from other public assistance programs.