WAG 08-02-06: Unearned Income

PM 08-02-06.

Sources of unearned income information include:

  • Social Security Records or Letters of Award
  • Veteran's Records
  • Railroad Retirement Records
  • Job Service Card
  • Support Orders
  • Company Pension
  • Union Records
  • Internal Revenue Records
  • BENDEX/SSA Benefit LocalOffice Inquiry
  • Unemployment Insurance Award Letter
  • Correspondence on Benefits
  • Income Tax Records
  • State Online Query (SOLQ)
  • Workman's Compensation Records
  • Insurance Company Records
  • Support and Alimony Payments Shown in Court Order, Divorce or Separation Papers, or Contribution Check
  • AWVS Clearance
  • SDX Family Community Resource Center Inquiry
  • Current Form 552 or Computer clearance such as ACID or Warrant Postings (source of income TANF, GA, AABD, or RRA)

Information may be provided on:

  • Public Assistance Agency Information Request and Report (SSA 1610)
  • Railroad Retirement Benefit Information (Form 213)
  • Request to Veteran's Administration (Form 1301)

Figure all unearned income in monthly amounts. See WAG 11-02-05 for budgeting nonexempt unearned income.