PM 08-01-07-e: Contributions

WAG 08-01-07-e

Budget contributions from relatives who have no legal responsibility to support the child(ren) (e.g., grandparents) as nonexempt unearned income.

Budget contributions from someone who is not a relative as nonexempt unearned income.

revised textBudget any contribution that is not child support and that is made for the care or maintenance of a spouse/civil union partner, as nonexempt unearned income. It doesn't matter if the contribution is court ordered or voluntary.

When child support is received by someone who does not live with the child for whom the support is intended, treat as a contribution the amount actually given to the child or the person caring for the child. Budget the contribution as nonexempt unearned income.

revised textWhen a spouse/civil union partner is absent from the home because they are in the military and they provide money to their family who is receiving cash assistance, budget the money as nonexempt unearned income.

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