PM 08-01-05-c: Optional Earmarking

WAG 08-01-05-c.

The client may choose to earmark child support for a child(ren) who does not have to be included in the TANF filing unit. The optional earmarking situation is for children for whom a support order exists and who are not blood-related siblings to other children in the TANF unit. Children subject to optional earmarking include stepbrothers and stepsisters.

Tell the client about the right to choose optional earmarking. If the client decides to earmark, do not include the child(ren) with the earmarked support in the TANF unit.

A client may choose to optionally earmark support for a child(ren) only once in a 12-month period. If the child(ren) for whom support was optionally earmarked is added to the TANF unit, stop the earmarking. The client may not earmark support for this child(ren) again until 12 months have passed since the month the child was first deleted due to earmarking.

If a client chooses to earmark support, the child(ren) is excluded from the TANF unit. Do not include the earmarked support when determining eligibility and benefit amount for the remaining unit members. Also, do not report or send the earmarked support to DCSE. When the client chooses not to earmark and the child(ren) are included in the unit, the support is sent to DCSE.