WAG 08-01-04: Earmarked Income (Cash)

PM 08-01-04

Example 1: The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. A, their 2 children, and Mrs. A's son from a previous marriage who receives $280 SSA each month due to the death of his father. Mr. A receives $644 aid for himself, his wife, and their 2 children. Mrs. A's son must also be included in the unit because he is half-brother to the other 2 children. Budget his $280 SSA benefits against the 5-person Payment Level of updated manual material$1,025.

Example 2: The family consists of Mr. L, his 2 daughters, Mrs. L, and her son. Mrs. L's son receives SSA benefits sufficient to meet his needs. Mrs. L has asked that her son not be included in the unit. Because her son is a stepbrother to Mr. L's 2 children, he can be excluded.

Include Mr. L and his 2 children in a TANF cash case. Mrs. L may be included as an essential person. Do not budget the SSA benefit against the case.

Example 3: The family consists of Mr. J and his 2 daughters. One of the daughters receives SSI. Mr. J. and one daughter are eligible to be included in the TANF case.

The SSI child is not eligible to be included in the TANF Cash case because she is an SSI recipient. Do not budget the SSI income against the TANF case.